Thai Elephants


Elephants have been a symbol of Thailand since ancient times and recognized as a national identity. 700 years ago, kings of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar use elephants as a vehicle in the battle fields to defend territorial areas in order to protect their lands for their people. Nowadays, a number of elephants in Thailand have been dramatically decreasing because of the civilization that destroys their habitation. Therefore, when the environmental system in the forests has been ruined, in addition to deforestations can lead to harmful consequences for the elephants. For the reason that elephants are massive animal that need to eat 250 kilograms a day, their food sources and water resources are rarely to be found.



From these problems, we see the possible threats that would happen to the elephants in future. Thus, we have to conserve and maintain them as a national identity. Hereafter, we would arrange the natural habitats for elephants to live happily and protect them from overworking and animal abuse. Plus, we would promote the habitats as a learning center for tourists to undergo authentic and nearby experiences with the elephants.